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New Treatment Option for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

More than 10% of the U.S. population has Diabetes. All too often, those who receive a Diabetes diagnosis also suffer a painful complication from the condition known as Painful Diabetic Neuropathy, or PDN.  PDN causes numbness and pain in the limbs. West Michigan Pain is proud to offer a newly approved non-drug therapy proven to alleviate the burdensome pain. 

Where conventional therapies have failed, patients are finding relief from the Nevro HFX system, which is the only spinal cord stimulator with a specific FDA indication to treat PDN. 

The new system was shown to be safe and effective in the largest randomized clinical trial studying Spinal Cord Stimulation in patients with Painful Diabetic Neuropathy. 

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Clinically Proven

Study participants demonstrated significantly improved and sustained outcomes with 10 kHz Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS), including substantial, sustained pain relief and improved health-related quality of life. The 6-month results for the randomized controlled trial (RCT) were previously published in JAMA Neurology  in April 2021, and the 12-month follow-up results and 6-month crossover patient data were recently presented at the American Diabetes Association 81st Scientific Sessions in June 2021.

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Real PatientsResults

Listen in as real patients explain how the therapy has helped with their pain.

Schedule a consultation with one of our Neuromodulation specialists at West Michigan Pain, and see if this new treatment option is right for you.


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