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Bob Gothard Lake City

Lake City resident, Bob Gothard, suffered for years from chronic pain, after he was injured during a surgical procedure. No pain management technique worked to ease his suffering, until West Michigan Pain specialist, Girish Juneja, MD, determined Gothard was a candidate for a special form of stimulation therapy that targets painful responses in the lower body. Listen in as Gothard shares more about his miraculous life-changing journey.

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Rosiebelle Hallowell Howard City

We’re all told to face challenges one step at a time. But what if that simple action proved impossible? That was the case for 72-year-old Rosiebelle Hallowell. 20 years ago, the Howard City resident was seriously injured in a car accident. She says she’s been plagued by chronic pain ever since.

“It’s hard for me to remember a time when I didn’t have pain,” said Hallowell. “I’ve had so many problems with my spine and gone to multiple doctors. Nothing worked.”

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Joanna Cilwa Reed City

One Wrong Step – Joanna Cilwa says that’s all it took. The 43-year-old Reed City resident was walking her son into a Boy Scout meeting when she slipped on a patch of ice and blacked out.

“I fell and came down hard on my back,” said Joanna. “Next thing I knew, I had messed up my arm, and suffered a concussion. I was in severe pain.”

The next few years, Joanna underwent numerous treatments, from a minimally invasive procedure to release pressure on the bulging disc in her back, to having a vertebrae removed from her spine to treat her nerves. Then came the migraines, and a host of medications to curb the pain.

“All those mixtures together were a recipe for disaster,” said Joanna. “I was in and out of the hospital with constant pain, living on two hours of sleep a night. I felt like people looked at me like I was a drug seeker. I gained a lot of weight. My marriage was on the rocks. It was horrible. All I could do was lay there.”

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